Padakkhep is a People’s Media initiative of the citizen’s forum known as Pothe Ebar Namo Sathi, a group of individuals who believe in democracy, human rights, gender equality and social justice. We are a group of forward-thinking individuals who strongly believe in the power of informed protest against the forces of religious fanaticism and aggressive unsustainable corporate development. Padakkhep is a fledgling attempt by us to create a web platform for “citizen journalists” to bring to the public, facts, narratives and opinions that are neglected or suppressed in mainstream and commercial media. This is a bilingual platform for now, publishing in English and Bengali, as our capabilities increase we intend to incorporate other languages.

In recent times, the rise of fanatical ultra-nationalism in India, as well as in different parts of the world is a serious concern for many. Under these circumstances, we conceived of Padakkhep as a platform to primarily reach out to like minded liberal individuals to form a collective community of protest and resistance. We created this web platform as a medium of creating informed and enlightened public opinion in India and the world on issues pertinent to a sustainable and inclusive future for all. One of the main objectives of this initiative is to campaign against propaganda, misinformation and hate mongering by any parties and individuals in India or the greater world.

We have witnessed in the recent past in various parts of the globe, well planned strategies of the ruling powers to snuff-out the versatility of societies and nations. Primarily by imposing arbitrary languages and cultures over distinct regional/local languages and cultures. At present, to our regret, we are witnessing a similar situation in India, where Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan has congealed as a governing ideology. It has emerged as an authoritarian entity attempting at annihilating all distinct and diverse identities cultures, languages, and populations. We strongly oppose this situation and aim to fight it by information, broad coalitions and enlightened public opinion. We believe and emphasize in the element of exchange, mutual respect and enrichment between different languages and cultural communities.

In India, at present, numerous economic and policy initiatives of the present government and its political and economic allies are aimed at taking away our democratic rights. By diluting the institutions that safeguard our democracy and uphold social justice in a country as diverse and vast as India ; the ruling powers are attempting an experiment in chaos. We pledge to carry out a sustained campaign against these undemocratic, anti-people measures and policies by organizing counter-narratives and creating public opinion through this web platform.

In this contemporaneous environment of intolerance and aggression, another crucial aspect of Indian society is gender inequality. We will focus on building public opinion on this issue including the question of caste. The caste question and its proper articulation in modern times demands informed debate in India.

LLast but not the least among these great public questions facing India and the world is the existential threat of environmental crises and Climate Change. It is a proven fact, that Climate Change is one of the greatest challenges faced by ours and future generations. We at Padakkhep are taking part in the global movement to save mother earth and hope to be joined by you in the campaign for saving the only home known to us, planet Earth.

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